Battery 2030 & Synergies

Battery 2030+

The ambition of the Battery 2030+ is to make Europe a world-leader in the development and production of the batteries of the future. These batteries need to store more energy, have a longer life, and be safer and more environmentally friendly than today’s batteries in order to facilitate the transition to a more climate-neutral society. The project is led by Uppsala University, started on 1st of September 2020.

Horizon Europe, the European Union’s research programme, is set to provide up to €220 million funding for projects under Horizon Europe topics for the BATT4EU Partnership, an initiative for developing advanced green battery technology. Over €150 million funding has been awarded to cutting-edge projects which will be coordinated  to collaborate by the  Battery 2030+ initiative. The new projects are launched under the BATT4EU Partnership and are developed on the basis of the long- term Roadmap for battery research, published by Battery2030+.

Battery 2030+ is a pioneering European research initiative making strides to develop the batteries of the future. Their focus is on green, high- performing, and long-lasting batteries instrumental in the transition to a carbon-neutral society.