“Meet our Partners Campaign”: GREEnMat (ULiege)

In STREAMS, ULiège (GREEnMat) leads Work Package 4 and is in charge of the synthesis through the spray drying process using recycled precursors, as well as direct recycling of cathode active materials from end-of-life Li-ion batteries. About GREEnMat (ULiege) GREEnMat – a chemistry research laboratory from the University of Liege (Belgium) – is specialised in […]


In STREAMS, LEITAT will mainly support Work Package 2, 3, 4 and 7 by developing a continuous electrochemical Li-recovery process and selective liquid membranes for the purification and recovery of critical and strategic metals. LEITAT will also dismantle batteries delivered to the consortium via IMN. About LEITAT ACONDICIONAMIENTO TARRASENSE ASSOCIATION (LEITAT) is a prominent private […]

“Meet our Partners Campaign”: TREIBACHER (TIAG)

In STREAMS, TIAG will upscale the Li-recovery from black mass at its industrial facilities using sustainable hydrometallurgy with mixtures of citric and sulphuric acid (Work Package 3). Katharina Kirchheimer is Project Manager at TIAG’s R&D Department, with special focus on pyro- and hydrometallurgy as well as recycling of critical raw materials, working closely with all […]

“Meet our Partners Campaign”: University of Oulu

In STREAMS, UOulu will lead Work Package 3 and develop sustainable hydrometallurgical processes for the recovery of critical and strategic metals and will also synthesise NMC powders from the recycled precursors (Work Package 4). About University of Oulu University of Oulu, founded in 1958, is one of the largest universities in Finland. As an international […]

“Meet our Partners Campaign”: GLOCK TECHNOLOGY GMBH (GTEC)

In STREAMS, GTEC is involved in Work Package 2 and 5, supplying the consortium with biochar from its biomass gasification equipment, which will be processed to a conductive additive for cathodes and anodes. About GTEC GLOCK TECHNOLOGY GMBH (GTEC), headquartered in Austria, stands as a global leader in firearm manufacturing, renowned for its innovative expertise […]

“Meet our Partners Campaign”: ETI GUBRE

In STREAMS, Eti Gübre leads Work Package 2 and supplies the STREAMS consortium with mining tailings and the Bayer liquor concentrate. About Eti Gübre Eti Bakır Anonim Şirketi’s Mazıdağı Subesi, known as Eti Gübre, holds a significant position in the Turkish mining and fertiliser sector. Specialising in the production of high-quality fertilisers, Eti Gübre has […]

“Meet our Partners Campaign”: AIT is STREAMS’s project coordinator

In STREAMS, AIT serves as a central coordinating body and spearheads WP 1 – Project Management and Coordination. Moreover, AIT takes the lead in conducting the physicochemical and electrochemical testing of the electroactive materials, including the formulation of aqueous slurries for scaling up electrodes, within WP 6 – Characterization and electrochemical testing from active materials […]

STREAMS takes center stage on national television

In a momentous occasion on March 25, 2024, the pioneering efforts of STREAMS gained widespread attention on national television as the Austrian national public broadcaster ORF showcased the state-of-the-art battery laboratory situated at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). Through exclusive interviews with Damian Cupid, Senior Scientist Group Lead and Project Coordinator of STREAMS, and […]

STREAMS Consortium Advances with Successful 1st Plenary Meeting

This week heralded a pivotal moment for the STREAMS Consortium as all partners gathered online for our inaugural Plenary Meeting. With enthusiastic participation from all partners, the meeting proved to be a dynamic exchange of insights, updates, and future strategies. The gathering delved into comprehensive discussions, with each Work Package receiving meticulous attention. Partners provided […]