Inside STREAMS’ debut Kick-Off Meeting in Vienna

The STREAMS project embarked on its groundbreaking journey, aiming to revolutionise Europe’s role in battery manufacturing. The inaugural two-day Kick-Off Meeting unfolded at AIT’s premises, hosted by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GMBH, the project’s coordinator.

Gathering a diverse consortium of 19 forward-thinking organisations and institutions, the launch event marked a pivotal moment in the project’s trajectory, indicating the onset of transformative initiatives. Led by AIT and supported by the European Climate, Infrastructure, and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA), represented by Project Officer Linda Novosadova, the event underscored a collective commitment to adhering to EU Commission regulations while driving innovative solutions.

Day 1 started with opening remarks from Christian Chimani, Head of AIT’s Center for Transport Technologies, and Damian Cupid, AIT’s Senior Scientist Group Lead and Project Coordinator of STREAMS. These addresses outlined the project’s objectives and fostered unity among consortium members.

The day’s highlights included partner introductions through succinct pitches and a dynamic speed-dating session. The consortium, comprising 19 partners, each contributing specialised expertise, delineated their roles within eight distinct work packages (WP), covering crucial aspects from coordination to battery component production processes and communication.

Following the formalities, partners engaged in vibrant discussions, aiming to identify synergies and exchange ideas to drive the project forward. The real collaborative spirit promised a period of innovation and shared success over the project’s three-year duration.

As the inaugural day concluded, the partners’ commitment to collaboration and innovation set a precedent for productive discourse and knowledge exchange in the days ahead. With a solid foundation laid, the STREAMS Project embarked on a transformative journey towards advancing battery manufacturing in Europe.

The convergence of talents and expertise witnessed on Day 1 heralds a period of unprecedented innovation and shared achievement. The STREAMS Project epitomizes not just collaboration, but a collective resolve to propel progress and shape the future of battery manufacturing in Europe.

Day 2 started with team leaders taking the spotlight as they presented their Work Packages:

  • WP6: Characterization and electrochemical testing, Yuri Surace, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
  • WP7: Sustainability and risk assessments, Imperial College London
  • WP8: Communication and dissemination, Andréia Santos, F6S Innovation

After insightful presentations, participants had the opportunity to explore AIT’s laboratories, adding a practical dimension to the theoretical discussions. 

A successful conclusion to an inspiring Kick-off!