In STREAMS, LEITAT will mainly support Work Package 2, 3, 4 and 7 by developing a continuous electrochemical Li-recovery process and selective liquid membranes for the purification and recovery of critical and strategic metals. LEITAT will also dismantle batteries delivered to the consortium via IMN.

Meet the faces behind the project

Angel Manuel Escamilla Pérez, Lead of Battery Raw Materials Unit
Meritxell Rovira, Researcher in the Sustainability Area
Susano Leão, Senior Researcher in the Sustainability Area of the Circular Economy and Decarbonization Department
Beatriz Guerrero López, Principal Researcher at the Applied Analytical Chemistry Department
Diego Morillo Martín, Area Manager in Functional Materials & Processing in the Applied Chemistry and Materials Department
  • Angel Manuel ESCAMILLA PÉREZ obtained his PhD in Chemistry and Physico-chemistry of Materials at Montpellier University (France). His work has been  focused on the development of materials for the next generation of batteries and recycling technologies and he now leads the Battery Raw Materials unit at LEITAT. In STREAMS, his team will develop a selective and continuous electrochemical Li recovery (ELR) system to recover Li from different sources.
  • Meritxell Rovira holds a Master’s degree in Corporate Environmental Management and is currently a researcher in the Sustainability Area at LEITAT. Her primary focus is on conducting life cycle analyses (LCA) of products and technologies across various sectors, including batteries, to evaluate their environmental, economic, and social impacts. In the STREAMS project, she is responsible for the environmental and social LCA of the systems, covering the entire lifecycle from raw material supply to end-of-life, following the Safe and Sustainability-by-design (SSbD) framework.
  • Susana LEÃO holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of Montpellier (France) and an Environmental Engineering Degree from the University of Aveiro (Portugal). Her career has been dedicated to enhancing the environmental performance of products and services through the development and application of environmental assessment methods. She has extensive experience in conducting Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies for various national and international projects across diverse fields such as waste and water management, construction, energy, and agrifood. Her scientific interests include sustainability assessment, LCA methodology, water and carbon footprints, eco-design, and the circular economy. Susana LEÃO has presented her work at numerous international conferences and has published several peer-reviewed papers in scientific and technical journals. She is currently a Senior Researcher in the Sustainability Area of the Circular Economy and Decarbonization Department at the LEITAT.
  • Beatriz GUERRERO LÓPEZ holds a PhD in Chemistry from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain), with a specialisation in analytical chemistry. Her research spans various fields including nanotechnology, materials science, environmental science, and the circular economy. Currently, she serves as the Principal Researcher in the Applied Analytical Chemistry Department at LEITAT. In this role, she coordinates all analytical activities necessary for LEITAT’s projects. As part of the STREAMS project, she is responsible for conducting metal content analysis using ICP-MS for the technologies developed at LEITAT.
  • Diego MORILLO MARTÍN (M). graduated in Chemistry from the Universidad de Salamanca (Spain) in 2008 and obtained a Master’s degree in Science and Chemistry Technology (2009) and a PhD in Chemistry (2013) from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain). He has extensive experience in nanoparticles synthesis, polymeric nanofibers fabrication, surface modification, and heavy metal ions adsorption techniques. Currently, he is the Area Manager in Functional Materials & Processing at the Applied Chemistry and Materials Department of LEITAT. His expertise includes developing nano-based materials, thermoplastics, composite materials, and porous materials for environmental applications such as water and air filtration. He is also skilled in polymer processing and the recycling of inorganic and polymeric waste.


ACONDICIONAMIENTO TARRASENSE ASSOCIATION (LEITAT) is a prominent private technological center with multiple locations across the Barcelona region. Established in 1906, LEITAT has become a leading entity in technology management at both the national and European levels. The organisation boasts a team of over 500 professionals, who are experts in applied research, technical services, and the management of technological and innovation initiatives.

LEITAT delivers social, industrial, economic, and sustainable value through comprehensive solutions across a wide range of sectors and areas. These include health and biomedicine, the development of new materials, eco-sustainable production, occupational health prevention systems, waste revaluation and natural resource utilisation, industry interconnectivity and digitization, green energy, and the maximisation of energy efficiency.

Recognised by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, LEITAT is a key participant in the European Union’s Horizon2020 and Horizon Europe programs.

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