“Meet our Partners Campaign”: AIT is STREAMS’s project coordinator

In STREAMS, AIT serves as a central coordinating body and spearheads WP 1 – Project Management and Coordination. Moreover, AIT takes the lead in conducting the physicochemical and electrochemical testing of the electroactive materials, including the formulation of aqueous slurries for scaling up electrodes, within WP 6 – Characterization and electrochemical testing from active materials to pouch cells.

Meet the faces behind the project

  • Damian Cupid is Senior Scientist and Thematic Coordinator of the “Battery Materials Development and Characterization Group”. Damian has experience in thermodynamics and phase diagrams of materials systems, also applied to lithium-ion batteries. Together with the coordination team, he will oversee the technical progress in STREAMS and report to the European Commission on our activities.
  • Natalie Bruckmüller is Project Manager and will support the consortium as part of the coordination team with all the administrative aspects of the project management like communication, meetings, reporting, deliverables, etc.
  • Yuri Surace is Scientist and has a background in lithium-ion batteries and numerous characterization techniques such as SEM, Raman spectroscopy, and X-ray photoelectron analysis. He has also expertise in electrode processing, going from lab-scale to pilot-scale. Yuri will lead WP6 and support the coordination team.

United, the coordination team illustrates the advancement of sustainable battery technologies under STREAMS, thereby bolstering Europe’s dedication to excellence and innovation in reshaping battery manufacturing landscape.

AIT: Austria’s largest research and technology organisation

The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) stands as Austria’s premier research and technology organisation, distinguished for its specialisation in addressing pivotal infrastructure challenges on both national and European fronts. With a workforce of around 1,400 professionals, primarily based in key facilities such as Vienna Giefinggasse, Seibersdorf, Ranshofen, and Graz, AIT serves as an Ingenious Partner, dedicated to advancing technologies, methodologies, and tools to meet the demands of the future.

Under the motto “Tomorrow Today,” AIT holds a leading position within Austria’s innovation system and plays a vital role in Europe, focusing on critical infrastructure topics. AIT’s research and technological development extend across key domains, including Energy, Transport Technologies, Health & Bioresources, Digital Safety & Security, Vision, Automation & Control, and Technology Experience. Complemented by expertise in Innovation Systems & Policy, AIT serves as a crucial network node at the intersection of science and industry.

Planting seeds for the future: a roadmap for tomorrow

By developing sustainable technologies to integrate and harmonise the production of active cathode and anode materials from primary sources, secondary sources and spent batteries in STREAMS, we are making a significant contribution to strengthening the ecological circularity of the European battery materials ecosystem. Our results will promote strategic autonomy, increase the competitiveness, and strengthen the resilience of the sector. We are excited to embark on this wonderful journey of scientific and technological excellence, and are looking forward to disseminating our exciting results.” – Damian Cupid (Project coordinator)

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