“Meet our Partners Campaign”: ETI GUBRE

In STREAMS, Eti Gübre leads Work Package 2 and supplies the STREAMS consortium with mining tailings and the Bayer liquor concentrate.

Meet the faces behind the project

  • Gökhan Kürsat is Production Manager as he oversees the manufacturing and budgets of ETI GÜBRE. He supports all disciplines to ensure manufactured products meet quality standards while adhering to cost schedules. He works closely with production superintendents and all related disciplines to ensure a smooth workflow through the plant.
    In STREAMS, Gökhan is Project Manager and leads the entire ETI GÜbre’s team with responsibilities as communicating changes in the workflow.
  • Murat Kayaci is a key member of ETI GÜBRE’s Technical Team as Deputy Production Manager. He is responsible for supporting the Production Manager and maintains the coordination of productions, projects, and events throughout the production targets workflow within the plant.
    In STREAMS, Murat is responsible for overseeing the technical and financial aspects of the project, in addition to supporting, reporting, and presenting to the consortium all laboratory and theoretical studies conducted by researchers.
  • As the Leach Plant Superintendent, Bayram Gökgöz supervises the overall operation of the leaching plant, which includes overseeing pressure leaching, filtrations, and solvent extraction units. He collaborates with other departments, including maintenance, engineering, quality control, and production planning, to optimise operations and ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, he manages safety programs, conducts audits, and implements process improvements aimed at enhancing safety, reducing costs, and improving efficiency.
    In STREAMS, Bayram will assume the role of Project Researcher, tasked with overseeing the procurement of specialised equipment for ETI GÜBRE’s R&D laboratory, as well as the installation and commissioning of pilot plants for battery production, including those for lithium, nickel, cobalt, and manganese.
  • Halil Anber, as Leach Solvent Extraction Superintendent, oversees efforts to boost production efficiency within the solvent extraction unit, reduce costs, optimise and innovate the extraction process. Additionally, he directs the process to achieve the desired products, including cobalt carbonate, zinc carbonate, copper cathodes, and Co-Ni carbonates. In STREAMS, Halil will take on the role of Project Researcher, conducting studies on the synthesis and purification of cobalt, nickel, manganese, and lithium salts in the company’s R&D laboratory and SX pilot plant.
  • As the Process Control Superintendent, Murat Yildirim is responsible for providing daily and monthly technical operational reports to the management team, covering all aspects of production and operations within a dynamic fertiliser and precious metals recovery processing facility. This includes Sulphuric Acid, Ammonia, Phosphoric Acid, fertiliser plant, and steam turbine operations. He conducts analyses of the facility for operational effectiveness and collaborates with various disciplines to optimise processes. In STREAMS, Murat will serve as a Project Researcher, tasked with writing technical reports and presenting findings to the consortium. Additionally, he will contribute to R&D studies by conducting literature reviews.
  • Kinem Şilan Makal is Leach Solvent Extraction Process Engineer and is in charge of the production efficiency of the Co-Zinc solvent extraction unit and developing the process. In STREAMS, Kinem Şilan will act as a Project Researcher and will work on the recovery of lithium precursors for the production of cathode active material from one primary source using special equipment
  • Uğur Uzun serves as the Leach Solvent Extraction Process Engineer, tasked with ensuring the production efficiency of the Cu solvent extraction, ion exchange columns, filtrations, and precipitation units, while also spearheading process development efforts. In STREAMS, Uğur will take on the role of Project Researcher, focusing on the recovery of Co-Mn cakes for the production of cathode active material from a primary source. This will involve utilising specialised equipment such as ion exchange columns, filtration, precipitation, and more within the company’s R&D laboratory.
  • Mehmet Ali Babaoğlu he is responsible for planning, organising, directing, and coordinating various activities within the laboratory. This includes performing administrative duties, supervising and assisting staff members, overseeing tests and experiments, presenting results to stakeholders, and ensuring timely completion of all tests and projects. In STREAMS, Mehmey will handle the role of Project Researcher, being responsible for reporting ICP-OES, XRF and XRD analysis results.
  • Erhan Al is Leach Plant Laboratory Chemist and oversees the daily routine and analysis of special samples within the Leach Plant. He conducts a variety of laboratory tests and techniques using equipment such as ICP-OES, XRF, and other specialised instruments. Additionally, he frequently trains technicians and laboratory workers in these methods. He is adept at performing complex experiments and meticulously documenting the process, analysis, and results. In STREAMS, Erhan will serve as a Project Researcher and will be responsible for conducting ICP-OES, XRF, and XRD analyses for all tests conducted in the company’s R&D laboratory.

About Eti Gübre

Eti Bakır Anonim Şirketi’s Mazıdağı Subesi, known as Eti Gübre, holds a significant position in the Turkish mining and fertiliser sector. Specialising in the production of high-quality fertilisers, Eti Gübre has played a crucial role in advancing agricultural development in the region. Rigorous quality control measures are integral to the company’s processes, ensuring that its fertilisers consistently meet and surpass industry standards.

Innovation is a driving force at Eti Gübre, as the company places great emphasis on research and development. This commitment translates into a continuous effort to provide farmers with cutting-edge solutions that not only improve crop yields but also adhere to the principles of responsible and ethical production. Environmental responsibility is deeply ingrained in Eti Gübre’s operations, with a focus on minimising ecological impact through the implementation of eco-friendly practices. The company actively promotes and supports sustainable agriculture, reflecting its dedication to environmental stewardship.

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