“Meet our Partners Campaign”: Evolution Energy Minerals (EV1)”

In STREAMS, EV1 supplies the consortium with natural graphite from the Chilalo mine (Work Package 2).

Meet the faces behind the project

Phil Hoskins, CEO of EV1
Stacy Newstead, CEO of Evolution Energy Solutions
  • Phil Hoskins is CEO of EV1, the parent company of the Tanzanian graphite project “Chilalo” providing the primary source graphite. In STREAMS, EV1 provided high quality natural flake graphite to be processed into battery grade graphite and blended with recovered graphite to use as anode material for a battery.

  • Stacy Newstead is the CEO of Evolution Energy Solutions, EV1’s US subsidiary for bringing processed graphite to the North American market. In STREAMS Facilitating the use of EV1’s graphite into the production of a new battery using recovered battery materials.

“It’s exciting to see how the quality of our Chilalo graphite makes using recovered graphite material possible in a new battery.” Stacey Newstead

About EV1

EV1 stands as a wholly owned subsidiary of Evolution Energy Minerals Limited (EEML), a notable entity in the energy and minerals sector. As a subsidiary, EV1 operates under the umbrella of EEML’s strategic vision, bringing forth specialised expertise in sustainable graphite products for the global green economy. EEML owns the Chilalo Graphite Project in Tanzania, positioning it as a key player in sustainable mineral extraction, crucial for advancing the goals of the green economy worldwide.

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