“Meet our Partners Campaign”: F6S Network Ireland Limited (F6S)

In STREAMS, F6S leads Work Package 8 on Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation with the main objective of creating the right buzz around the project activities and maximising its impacts.

Meet the faces behind the project

Andréia Santos, Senior Project Manager
Anne-Florence Harpon, Communications Manager
  • Andréia Santos is  a Senior Project Manager at F6S Innovation. As the Lead of STREAMS Work Package 8, Andréia ensures the successful delivery and impact of the project. With a robust background in project management and strategic communication, in EU funded projects within the realm of Science, Technology and Innovation, Andréia oversees the dissemination and exploitation activities, guaranteeing that the STREAMS results reach the right audiences and achieve maximum impact.

  • Anne-Florence Harpon is Communications Manager Representative at F6S Innovation, with a solid background in internal and external communication, both in public and private sectors. Collaborating closely with Andréia Santos, Anne-Florence develops and executes dynamic communication strategies designed to engage diverse audiences and stakeholders. With a proven expertise in strategic communication, Anne-Florence ensures that project updates, outcomes, and key messages are effectively disseminated, fostering awareness and driving engagement across all relevant channels.

About F6S

F6S is a leading global founder and startup network that helps public sector entities around the world to promote, communicate and disseminate technical and research projects. F6S stands for F-ounder-S. Our mission is to help founders and startups grow to solve the world’s pressing social, economic, environmental, sustainability and innovation problems. In addition to F6S’ work with governmental entities, we also work with corporates, investors, research institutions, programs, universities and others in the global startup ecosystem. F6S tools deliver company growth through grants, partnerships, funding, investment, pilot contracts, partnerships, jobs & talent recruitment and company services.F6S Innovation provides growth and scaling opportunities to the tech ecosystem with programmes funded by the European Commission and other governmental institutions. We deliver impact by managing open calls and funding to third parties, driving open innovation connections, coordinating dissemination and communication activities, and conducting exploitation and impact generation activities in all Horizon Europe clusters and Missions.

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