“Meet our Partners Campaign”: GLOCK TECHNOLOGY GMBH (GTEC)

In STREAMS, GTEC is involved in Work Package 2 and 5, supplying the consortium with biochar from its biomass gasification equipment, which will be processed to a conductive additive for cathodes and anodes.

Meet the faces behind the project

  • Dr. Thomas Reichmann serves as the Director of Technology at GTEC. In STREAMS, he plays a pivotal role as a supplier of carbonaceous raw materials, generated by GTEC’s biomass-based combined heat and power plants. These materials undergo thorough analysis and, in collaboration with partners, are refurbished for use as substitution materials for carbon black and graphite within anode materials for lithium ion batteries.

  • Roman Andrejcic is Authorised Representative of GTEC, overseeing all legal and organisational matters to ensure efficient workflow management. Serving as Glock’s legal representative, he actively participates in addressing any legal issues that arise.

About GTEC

GLOCK TECHNOLOGY GMBH (GTEC), headquartered in Austria, stands as a global leader in firearm manufacturing, renowned for its innovative expertise in cutting-edge firearms and accessories. The company is distinguished by its commitment to precision, reliability, and durability across its product line. GTEC offers a diverse range of high-performance firearms tailored for law enforcement, military, and civilian use, reflecting Austrian precision and quality.

The company’s dedication to stringent quality control and thorough testing cements its position as a premier player in the competitive landscape of firearm manufacturing. Within the GLOCK group, GTEC spearheads Research and Development activities in biomass gasification and process development, further showcasing its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

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