“Meet our Partners Campaign”: GREEnMat (ULiege)

In STREAMS, GREEnMat (ULiège) leads Work Package 4 and is in charge of the synthesis through the spray drying process using recycled precursors, as well as direct recycling of cathode active materials from end-of-life Li-ion batteries.

Meet the faces behind the project

Abdelfattah Mahmoud, Senior Scientist and Battery Group Leader
Frédéric Boschini, Lead of the “Powder Technology” activities
Hamid Oubaha, Senior Researcher
Pierre Colson, Senior Scientist
  • Abdelfattah Mahmoud is Senior Scientist and Battery Group Leader at GREEnMat (ULiège). Abdelfattah has more than 15 years’ expertise in the development of battery materials for Li-, Na-, K- and Zn-ion batteries and all solid-state batteries but also in the field of recycling of spent Li-ion batteries and photovoltaic solar cells. He has been working in many research centers, laboratories and Universities: Jülich Research center (Germany); Oak Ridge National Lab (USA), Montpellier University (France) and Materials Science Institute of Madrid (Spain) and Cadi Ayyad University Marrakech (Morocco).
  • Frédéric Boschini is leading the “Powder Technology” activities at GREEnMat, as a member of the permanent staff of the laboratory.
    For over 25 years, he has been developing projects involving powder materials, notably for alkali-ion batteries as well as pharmaceutical/biomedical applications, while maintaining a focus on the recyclability of materials and shaping by 3D printing.
  • Hamid Oubaha is Senior Researcher with a background in synthesis and characterization of Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) materials. His activities are dedicated to the upcycling of silicon retrieved from end-of-life photovoltaic solar cells as anode active materials for LiBs. He is also involved in developing advanced strategies for the direct recycling of spent LIBs active materials.
  • Pierre Colson is Senior Scientist and has a master degree in management. He is involved in the setting up of projects for the financing of research, equipment, mobility or networking in particular for the “Thin Films” and “Powder” divisions of GREEnMat.  Pierre will support the GREEnMat team with the administrative aspects of the project, in close contact with our RISE (Research, Innovation, Support and Enterprise) and financial departments.

About GREEnMat (ULiege)

GREEnMat – a chemistry research laboratory from the University of Liege (Belgium) – is specialised in the development and characterisation of inorganic and/or hybrid materials in the form of powders, bulk materials or coatings for applications in the field of energy (new generation solar cells, Li-/Na-/K-/Zn-… ion batteries, electrochromic materials…), environment (recycling of silicon-based PV cells, recycling of batteries, recycling of metal scraps for the production of high-added value powders to be shaped by additive manufacturing) and health (excipients for dry powder inhalers, powder engineering and 3D-printing for biomedical devices,…).
Particular attention is paid to compatibility of the developed materials and processes to ensure and maximise their technology transfer to industries.
Proud to put their expertise and equipment to use in collaborative projects of all kinds, from pioneering research in academic networks to innovative applied research in academia-industry consortia.

Your Partner for Materials in Energy Storage & Recycling

Thanks to their expertise and available infrastructure, GREEnMat is positioning as your partner for battery materials (anode, cathode, or solid electrolyte) to support and accelerate your research projects in the field of energy storage and circular economy.

With a steadfast commitment to facilitating the transfer of research results to the industrial world and thereby enabling their commercialisation for the benefit of society, GREEnMat has developed an active intellectual property protection policy, notably through patent applications.

For more information about our energy storage research and publications click here.

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