“Meet our Partners Campaign”: Meet our Partners Campaign”: The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBİTAK)

In STREAMS, TÜBITAK is involved in Work Package 4 and 6. In the former, TÜBITAK is contributing intellectually on the development of cathode materials’ synthesis process from recovered/recycled materials. In the latter, TÜBITAK bears the main responsibility of processing these materials into anode and cathode electrodes with a final demonstration of 10 Ah Li-ion pouch cells and their testing.

Meet the faces behind the project

Dr. Vildan BAYRAM KARAKUSLU, Senior Researcher
Nergiz GURBUZ KARSLIOGLU, Senior Researcher
Ridvan DEMIRYÜREK, Senior Researcher
Zafer KARADAYI, Senior Researcher
Hasan Celal MALKOÇ, Senior Researcher
Dr. Ayhan Nazmi İLİKAN, Chief Researcher
Gülşen UYAR, Chemical Technician
  • Dr. Vildan BAYRAM KARAKUSLU is a Senior Researcher leading projects on Li-ion cell development, mentoring students in the projects and leading/contributing the search for new projects and project proposal preparation phases.  Vildan has gained experience in applications of 2D materials into ultra-capacitors through her PhD and has developed a great insight on Li-ion battery research through the years she spent in TÜBITAK. 
    In STREAMS, Vildan is the Project Manager, overseeing the technical and financial aspects of the project.
  • Nergiz GURBUZ KARSLIOGLU is a Senior Researcher maintaining test activities of cells/batteries and validating the performance, reliability, safety, and lifetime of the cells/batteries according to international standards, regulations, legal, industry and manufacturer requirements.
    In STREAMS, Nergiz will assist in project management and take a role of advanced characterization and electrochemical testing of pouch cells in WP6.
  • Ridvan DEMIRYÜREK is a Senior Researcher specializing in the design and development of lithium-ion electrodes and cells. He has dedicated over eight years to studying various anode and cathode chemistries. In addition to his technical research, he has taken on managerial roles for several research and development projects. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD program, focusing on silicon-based anode materials. In STREAMS, Rıdvan will play a role in electrode and cell development tasks in WP6.
  • Zafer KARADAYI is a Senior Researcher specializing in energy storage systems, thermal and mechanical analysis, and project management. He strongly focuses on research and development, particularly in battery pack technology and engine components. He has substantial experience in both academic and industrial settings, demonstrating his ability to lead complex projects and collaborate effectively within multidisciplinary teams.
    In STREAMS, Zafer will contribute the tasks in WP6.
  • Hasan Celal MALKOÇ is a Senior Researcher has over eight years’ competence in battery management systems, cell, module and pack testing, SOC- SOH algorithms. His research activities include battery management systems and cell testing issues such as hardware design of battery management system and embedded software on these systems, development algorithms and for the test case cell formation procedures, cell testing with standards and customer process. His PhD studies focused on Battery module and pack temperature estimation algorithms.
    In STREAMS, Hasan will take a role of advanced characterization and electrochemical testing of pouch cells in WP6.
  • Dr. Ayhan Nazmi İLİKAN, a Chief Researcher, is engaged in administrative roles such as project management and group leadership in research and development projects. His expertise encompasses tasks such as establishing battery laboratory infrastructure and developing battery packs comprising Li-ion cells. Furthermore, he possesses experience in fields like flow and thermal simulations, undertaking technical responsibilities across diverse projects. In STREAMS, Ayhan will contribute to scientific discussions in both WP4 and WP6.
  • Gülşen UYAR is a Chemical Technician who has ten years’ experience in battery research besides her nine years’ experience in other chemical laboratories. She conducts anode and cathode materials synthesis, electrode production, coin cell and pouch cell production. She also conducts material characterization of synthesized products via SEM and particle size analyzer. She teaches students the standard procedures on synthesis, electrode production, coin cell production and their electrochemical characterization.  In STREAMS, Gülşen will contribute on electrode and cell production in WP6.

About TÜBITAK:  

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBİTAK) is the leading agency for management, funding and conduct of research in Türkiye. TÜBİTAK is responsible for promoting, developing, organizing, conducting and coordinating research and development in line with national targets and priorities. TÜBİTAK not only supports innovation, academic and industrial R&D studies but also in line with national priorities develops scientific and technological policies and manages R&D institutes, carrying on research, technology and development studies. 

TÜBITAK RUTE (Rail Transport Technologies Institute) is one of R&D institutes of TÜBITAK. TÜBITAK RUTE Energy Storage Systems Group designs components of secondary batteries, engages in material, cell, and battery module development, and conducts comprehensive tests for various storage technologies. Additionally, it produces innovative solutions for primary and secondary lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lead-acid batteries, and gel batteries through R&D activities such as reduced-cobalt electrode and cell production from recycled materials.