“Meet our Partners Campaign”: NanoPow AS (NPW)

In STREAMS, NanoPow leads Work Package 5, produces carbon-coated, nano-sized crystalline Si particles from the recycled silicon, and uses them to make Si/C composites.

Meet the faces behind the project

Sivakanesar Luxsacumar, Founder & CEO
Adamantia Lazou, Research scientist
  • Sivakanesar Luxsacumar is the Founder and CEO of Nanopow AS, a seasoned serial entrepreneur and investor with over 25 years of experience in international business. He has founded more than 10 startups, authored numerous papers in international scientific journals, and holds 3 patents. 
  • Adamantia Lazou, as Research scientist in NanoPow and PostDoctoral Researcher at the National Technical University of Athens, mainly focus on materials development and processing, thermodynamic modelling and simulations.

In the STREAMS project, NanoPow is focused on the sustainable production of silicon nanopowders. NanoPow will use recycled Si from EoL PV panels and integrate it in the production line for nanocrystalline Si. NanoPow establishes a unique production line for the purification and manufacturing of nano powders. The nano powders have unique properties such as purity and crystallinity and thus find a wider range of applications. The nanocrystalline Si will be subsequently used and tested for anode applications. The involvement of NanoPow in the STREAMS project enhances the symbiosis of recycling and reutilisation of materials into battery applications, thus enhancing both the integration of recycled materials and the production of advanced materials for the batteries of the future.

About NanoPow

NanoPow was established in 2016 after many years of intense research and development in battery materials. NanoPow’s vision is to enhance the transition to green energy by supplying nanocrystalline Si for anode applications thus improving efficiency, storage capacity, stability, and cycling performance. NanoPow is committed to unlock tomorrow’s better batteries since silicon-anode can result in 10x energy capacity v.s graphite.

NanoPow has developed an innovative, sustainable and proprietary process to produce the next-generation silicon nano-powder. The material is being used by the world’s most ambitious battery manufacturers due to its unique properties such as high purity and crystallinity and it finds high diversity of applications such as all-purpose batteries.

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