In STREAMS, UNE will be involved in all Work Packages (mainly WP8), will design furnaces and reactors for cathode material production and graphite beneficiation, as well as model a pilot plant for battery materials production using the technologies developed in STREAMS.

Meet the faces behind the project

Tetyana Kyselyova, Director of UKRNDIELEСTROTERM LLC

Tetyana Kyselyova is Director of UKRNDIELEСTROTERM LLC (UKRAINIAN RESEARCH AND DESIGN INSTITUTE OF ELECTROTHERMAL EQUIPMENT LLC). The role of the Director is general management and analysis of the distribution of work in areas, searching and selection of new projects, participation in negotiations with Customers, participation in conferences and exhibitions.A special innovative part of the STREAMS project is the development of a model of a plant for processing and obtaining materials, including scalable and economically feasible technologies. The modular facility will become a source of scaling of relevant technologies in the future. Specialists of UKRNDIELEСTROTERM LLC are ready to develop advanced furnaces and reactors for the production of cathode material and graphite enrichment as part of the STREAMS project, aimed at improving the production of battery materials. These initiatives include the development of a pilot plant model that will test and scale up newly developed technologies.

The envisaged pilot plant will demonstrate the practicality of these innovations in real-world conditions aimed at increasing production efficiency and reducing environmental impact. In addition, the engineering company UKRNDIELEСTROTERM LLC  will carry out design work for this project. All technical drawings will be prepared in accordance with Ukrainian standards with references to EU standards. UKRNDIELEСTROTERM LLC will use numerous engineering design software packages: SolidWorks, 2D CAD, 3D CAD, Excel macros to perform complex and iterative engineering calculations.

About UNE

The Ukrainian Research and Design Institute of Electrothermal Equipment (UNE) is a unique research and production complex that offers a full cycle of services, from generating technical ideas to manufacturing. Established in 1961, it has evolved into a modern high-technology enterprise known for developing, manufacturing, and servicing industrial furnaces and electrothermal equipment.

UNE provides a wide range of services, including the design and implementation of new industrial furnaces, reconstruction of existing equipment, energy-saving technologies, and technical and ecological solutions for various industries. Their expertise caters to the metallurgical, machine-building, and construction sectors across Ukraine and several other countries. The institute prides itself on delivering comprehensive solutions from idea to introduction, ensuring high functionality and efficiency.

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