STREAMS embark on a rich journey of collaboration with BATTERY 2030+

On February 27th, 2024, STREAMS engaged in an enriching workshop organised by the Collaboration Board of BATTERY 2030+, furthering collaborative efforts towards sustainable battery technologies. 

This workshop, dedicated to sustainability, facilitated discussions among various projects under the BATTERY 2030+ framework, aiming to advance future battery technologies.

BATTERY 2030+ stands as a prominent research initiative committed to developing innovative battery technologies for the future. Led by experts such as Kristina Edström and Simon Perraud, BATTERY 2030+ addresses key challenges in battery technology to meet the rising demands for energy storage solutions.

During the workshop, speakers including Claude Chanson from RECHARGE and Eliana Quartarone from BatteriesEurope provided valuable insights into battery sustainability, EU regulations, and challenges faced across the European battery value chain. Marcel Meeus and Philippe Jacques from The Energy Materials Industrial Research initiative (EMIRI) also highlighted the significance of sustainability in battery development by presenting on the application of the Sustainable-by-Design (SSbD) framework to batteries.

This workshop not only served as a platform for introducing new projects but also fostered collaboration among participants. Yuri Surace, a member of the coordination team from the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, presented the STREAMS project, emphasising our dedication to innovation and sustainability in battery manufacturing.

In addition to our workshop participation, STREAMS is excited to announce its presence at the BATTERY 2030+ Conference 2024, scheduled for May 28-29 in Grenoble. 

At this conference, held at CEA, we will convene for two days of innovation and collaboration, furthering our commitment to advancing sustainable battery technologies through collective efforts within the BATTERY 2030+ community.